The Kingdom of Sydra - Era of Revolution

The Revolution Compounded

Good Aligned - Adventure 2

The violence of the revolution carried on throughout the following week. Sydra forces made some progress with the help of the Church of Torm to retake the East bank of the city. However, the West bank was still firmly in control of the revolutionaries. Reports had come in from the city of Moror that it had fallen to the Nith army in less than a day and that the city of Bey was under siege. Even more troubling was the suspected size of the army that was invading.

Lacking a clear idea of how to help the kingdom, the group of young nobles decided to make their way to the palace to gather whatever information they could about the revolution and the war. Because of their valiant efforts in defending the gun battery, they were allowed entry into the war council room. The room was brimming with activity, the sons and daughters of Sydra’s five major families milled about the room discussing strategy and tactics for retaking their kingdom. The King along with his Dukes met in a closed chamber to formulate their war plan.

The group managed to get some time to talk to Prince Giaus Sydra about where they could be put to the most use. The found out that the king was planning to retake Moror and allow Bey to wait out the siege as they had more than adequate supplies and defenses to do so. They also learned that Princess Servia Sydra and her husband had not been seen or heard from since after the wedding ceremony was complete. However, the kingdom could not spare the manpower to find out what happened to her. The young nobles jumped at the opportunity to do this as a favor for the Prince and began an investigation.

Heading to the personal chambers of the Princess, they searched for anything that seemed out of the ordinary. They talked to her handmaidens and learned that she was not in her chambers the morning after the wedding. There were no obvious signs of struggle in the room, it seems as if she just simply disappeared. Bringing in wizards from Valhin, they scoured the room for any traces of magic energy. The wizards reported that the balcony outside of the Princess’ bedroom had traces of Shadowfel taint, meaning that someone had most likely opened a portal outside of the chambers. Lacking any better leads, the young nobles had the wizard reopen the portal and proceeded into the Shadowfel.

Trekking through the shadow version of the capital, they found a clear trail of three sets of prints leaving the Princess’ chambers. They lead out of the city to the North. When they reached the main gates of the city, they were accosted by a demonic entity. Humanoid in appearance, it was wreathed in flickering shadows. It’s most striking physical feature were the elk like antlers that adorned its head. The demon demanded that the party turn back as it had been contracted to prevent any from following this path. The young nobles were not deterred by its threats and decided to fight it.

The demon was not alone, it called upon its allies who were lurking by the gate to strike out at the nobles. The combat dragged on for several minutes before an ill placed strike brought down the remnants of gatehouse down on top of all the combatants… the party blacked out.



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