The Kingdom of Sydra - Era of Revolution

The Night of the Revolution

The end of Autumn, The start of Winter

The Kingdom of Sydra, one of the five major powers on the continent of New Gereb, is in turmoil. The fateful night when Princess Servia Sydra married Prince Talim Eito, when celebrations and revelry were heard throughout the palace, when the first gun shots were fired to begin the revolution. The revolutionaries had surprise on their side, the noble class would never think that mere commoners would take up weapons against them. Many lives were lost that night, but the nobility retained control of the city. Further investigation into the revolution revealed more factions at play than just the commoners: The Brotherhood of the Covenant and The Empire of Nith both supplied arms and training to facilitate this uprising.

The initial chaos was enough for the Empire of Nith to begin reconquering the Kingdom of Sydra. The war is going well, they have not faced any major set backs and it looks like in a few months all of Sydra will be under Nith’s control.

The Brotherhood of the Covenant’s goals were less obvious. They built up trust amongst their followers: the poor neglected commoners within the Kingdom of Sydra. They gave them food, shelter, and education. They also trained them how to fight and handle weaopns for when the time came to rise up.

Events began outside the palace, but the first action the nobles were aware of was a large group of revolutionaries barging into the royal wedding reception feast. Only wearing their ceremonial garb with a handful of actual weapons between them, the situation had a potential to turn into a blood bath. Thankfully due to some hasty thinking, the young minor nobles bravely situated themselves between the revolutionaries and the king with his dukes and duchesses. The revolutionaries were successfully driving from the palace tower, but Prince Titus Sydra received a grave wound and was transported to the Cathedral of Torm; Duke Tymos Bey was not nearly as lucky, he died in the feasting hall.

The group of young nobles headed out into the city to carry Prince Titus to the Cathedral of Torm where he would be able to receive the best medical treatment available in the chaos of this night. Along the path to the temple itself, they come across a group of looters. Upon closer inspection, the looters are moving in a highly organized fashioned and are too well armed to be an average commoner. Quickly decided, the young nobles charged into the looters to figure out what exactly they were doing. As the fight progressed it became clear that these were not commoners at all, but rather a group of soldiers. Once the group was subdued, it was found out they were Nith soldiers sent to complete various sabotage missions under the cover of the revolution. The next part of this groups mission was to destroy the gun emplacements that guarded the bay of the city.

The possible threat of a Nith armada facing off against Sydra without its defensive emplacements was too great to ignore. The young nobles separated from the Prince’s personal guard who would take the prince to the Cathedral of Torm, while they would go to protect the gun batteries. Thankfully the nobles arrived just in time, a siege machine of Nith design was about to bear down upon the gatehouse of the battery. With the groups ingenuity the machine was disabled.

The sun began to rise, signally that the darkest hours of night were over, the nobles thought it would be a wise idea to rest and wait in the defensive structure of the gun battery until more news became available.



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