The Kingdom of Sydra - Era of Revolution

The Mystery Compounded

Good Aligned - Adventure 7

Players: Alias, Cedrick, Tiberius, and Unknown

The adventure started in the capital city of Catalia. Having defeated High Brother Kinradd, the players turned over the robot and robot army to the Church of Kord so that they may defend they city.

After returning to Sydra, the adventurers met with members of each of the major families. They requested a list of the items stolen from the vault of The Society of Masks in Valhin, which they received. After catching up on the state of the kingdom, the adventurers decided to investigate the remaining High Brothers of the Brotherhood. The most solid lead they had was that High Brother Gibson was in the city of Moror, which is still under Nith control. The players decided to send word ahead to Moror to see if it was possible to arrange a meeting with Gibson under the pretenses of arbitrating a treaty with him. With their Catalian ship, they set off toward Moror.

Upon arriving at the city, a warning shot crossed in front of the bow of the ship. Two Nith airships pulled along side to negotiate the terms of the meeting. The players agreed to the terms of only the adventurers going and leaving their own airship outside of the city. They were briskly lead through the city into the palace. They were brought into a spacious meeting room where Gibson sat at the other end of the table.



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