The Kingdom of Sydra - Era of Revolution

Demonic Gifts

Good Aligned - Adventure 5

Things happened!

The group of adventurers managed to return from the Valley of the Sky with all due haste to Stone’s Crossing where they were to meet up with the Prince. As a reward for returning Princess Servia Sydra, Prince Giaus Sydra rewarded the party with his own personal signet ring. The large encampment of Nith soldiers along with their weapons platform located at Stone’s Crossing were destroyed by Sydra forces.

The Prince provided several options with what the adventurers could do next: they could find out information on the fall of Moror, break the siege at Bey, investigate the civil unrest present in Serubel and Valhin, or bring the war into Nith territory.

After much deliberation, the adventurers decided to travel to the city of Valhin, as they had additional business to carry out in the city. Months ago when the players first set out from Sydra, they made a pact with a devil: to deliver a box to the city of Valhin in exchange for infromation which the devil had.



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