The Kingdom of Sydra - Era of Revolution

The Mystery Compounded
Good Aligned - Adventure 7

Players: Alias, Cedrick, Tiberius, and Unknown

The adventure started in the capital city of Catalia. Having defeated High Brother Kinradd, the players turned over the robot and robot army to the Church of Kord so that they may defend they city.

After returning to Sydra, the adventurers met with members of each of the major families. They requested a list of the items stolen from the vault of The Society of Masks in Valhin, which they received. After catching up on the state of the kingdom, the adventurers decided to investigate the remaining High Brothers of the Brotherhood. The most solid lead they had was that High Brother Gibson was in the city of Moror, which is still under Nith control. The players decided to send word ahead to Moror to see if it was possible to arrange a meeting with Gibson under the pretenses of arbitrating a treaty with him. With their Catalian ship, they set off toward Moror.

Upon arriving at the city, a warning shot crossed in front of the bow of the ship. Two Nith airships pulled along side to negotiate the terms of the meeting. The players agreed to the terms of only the adventurers going and leaving their own airship outside of the city. They were briskly lead through the city into the palace. They were brought into a spacious meeting room where Gibson sat at the other end of the table.

The Throne of the Gods
Good Aligned - Adventure 6

Players: Alias, Cedrick, Tiberius, Unknown, and Valinea

Several days after the unfortunate events in Valhin, the group underwent severe questioning at the hand of The Order of Masks.

Determined to right the wrong they had committed, the group determined to go to Catalia in order to see the total destruction of the demonic box.

Gigantic Robot. Ancient Gigantic Robot.

Demonic Gifts
Good Aligned - Adventure 5

Things happened!

The group of adventurers managed to return from the Valley of the Sky with all due haste to Stone’s Crossing where they were to meet up with the Prince. As a reward for returning Princess Servia Sydra, Prince Giaus Sydra rewarded the party with his own personal signet ring. The large encampment of Nith soldiers along with their weapons platform located at Stone’s Crossing were destroyed by Sydra forces.

The Prince provided several options with what the adventurers could do next: they could find out information on the fall of Moror, break the siege at Bey, investigate the civil unrest present in Serubel and Valhin, or bring the war into Nith territory.

After much deliberation, the adventurers decided to travel to the city of Valhin, as they had additional business to carry out in the city. Months ago when the players first set out from Sydra, they made a pact with a devil: to deliver a box to the city of Valhin in exchange for infromation which the devil had.

The Pursuit's End
Good Aligned - Adventure 4

After resting for the night the adventures once again set out into the Shadowfel. Frenix opened a portal in the same location Iseri did just the day prior. The trail lead south of Aliers to the main road between Stone’s Crossing and Serubel. The terrain was rough, but manageable. While standing at the treeline overlooking the road, the group spotted a small encampment to the side of it. Fiona and Pericles ventured ahead of the group to investigate. Nearby at a black pond two large hound creatures lay resting. The hounds had large mains filled with quills, Slate was quick to identify them as Anaxim Hounds. They overheard two people conversing in the tent about how High Brother Iseri left them behind when they should have been assisting with the ritual. At this point the hounds perk up as they hear the ranger moving across the road.

In the ensuing battle, the group managed to subdue the leader of the small group and was able to question him. They learned that he was part of the Brotherhood of the Covenant and was left behind to guard Iseri’s path. They also learned that Princess Servia Sydra was still in her custody and wearing a slave crown. Iseri’s final destination was unknown, but the brother was able to provide a device that would lead them to her. Following the trail of magic stones attuned to the device, they arrived at a stone archway in a clearing. The stone archway was a dimensional gateway. Activating it the party went back to the material plane where their journey continued.

Judging by the distance traveled, the adventurers figured out they were somewhere near the city of Bey, near the border with Eito. The path lead to the barrier mountains. A shear edifice blocked further progress. After a quick investigation, it was clear that someone had already ascended this cliff face and left handholds making ascent much easier. Upon reaching the top of the climb the adventurers were presented with an impressive vista: a large sloping valley with a city situated in its center.

The city was far larger than any city the young nobles had seen before. It was easily four times the size of the capital of Sydra. As the group approached the walls of the city they more clearly understood the strangeness and scale of the place. The city walls were two-hundred feet high and made of a monolithic stone material. The gateways into the city were large open archways with no signs of doors or watch towers. The outer ring of the city was composed of ten story tall buildings constructed in the same monolithic manner as the city walls. The sharp ear of the ranger picked up the sounds of battle taking place deeper in the city.

The inner section of the city was surrounded by another wall, this time only 120 feet tall. The buildings the party could see through the gate house were of a much different design than those of the outer circle. They were more public facing and temple like. Bodies of men dressed in black armor lay dead all along the street interspersed with the wreckage of spider like constructs. Making their way toward the largest temple in the center of the city, they saw an ongoing battle between the black armored men and the constructs. The constructs used mostly energy attacks which managed to pierce through the armor of the soldiers. The soldiers were able to hold their own by working together against the constant onslaught of constructs. Seeing that the attention of both parties was on each other, the adventurers cut through the temples that flanked the main temple and went in.

A Genasi leading three armored black men stood blocking progress into the inner part of the temple. The Genasi shouted out orders to the men in an odd dialect but they clearly had no intention of letting the adventurers pass. Two constructs climbed over the walls and began opening fire on both groups as the battle raged on. Gaining the upper hand the party withdrew into the inner sanctum. Passing through a hall of reflective crystal they reached the inner courtyard. A massive ziggurat with a stone altar laid on top. Iseri coursed with energy drawing from all that was available. The party rushed to interrupt the ritual. Iseri was forced to interrupt the ritual to try to deal with these interlopers.

Iseri split into two forms: one wreathed in fire and the other in ice. Summoning force motes of energy they littered the entire stairway up the ziggurat. They also summoned two elemental birds to help deal with the adventurers. Frenix’s solution was unanticipated by Iseri, he opened a portal linking the top and bottom of the structure. The rangers, Fiona, and Pericles rushed through the dimensional door to rescue the princess from the stone altar. Iseri was able to adapt and laid into the party with her full might. Sensing that a reatreat might be the best course of action, the group picked up the Princess and used the dimensional door again. The slave crown was removed, Princess Serviacame came to and unleashed an invigorating wave of energy upon the party. The sensation was odd, but it gave the group enough stregth to continue the battle. A few more intense minutes of combat and Iseri with her summoned creatures lay dead at the apex of the temple. Her final words left an ominous feeling “You have destroyed me, but the Brotherhood cannot be stopped. The Dark Power is too close at hand. You have not won here today.”

The Princess is saved… but the temple is still charged with the energy from the ritual. Not to mention the sound of battle seems to have quieted down but the scuttling of constructs can still be heard.

The Search Continues
Good Aligned - Adventure 3

Time passes oddly in the Shadowfel; its speeds up and slows down with no predictable pattern. Prince Giaus Sydra was slightly worried that he hadn’t heard from the group of young nobles he sent to look for his sister. He contracted out a group of adventurers to find out the fate of the first group. Among the adventures sent forth were Pericles, a Human fighter, Fiona, an elven thief, and Frenix a Tiefling wizard. They were able to easily find the path the previous party had taken and found the demolished gatehouse. Searching through the rubble they found only one survivor: Slate a Goliath barbarian.

After digging Slate out from the rubble, the recent death of the battle attracted two black oozes. They nimbly glided over and through the rubble and circled around the party. Hacking at the oozes proved to be less effective than the group hoped, each time it just split off into smaller parts which were still a threat to the party. Eventually the group was able to split the oozes into small enough pieces that Frenix could finish them all off with his magic.

After the oozes were dealt with, the party decided to summon up the demon which had stood in their way before to try to get information out of it. Frenix constructed a magic circle on the spot the demon was slain and called forth. The demon appeared, trapped in the circle. It wasn’t hostile and was willing to strike a bargain with the group- it would provide all of the information they wanted as long as one of them gave their soul to the demon. Finding this unacceptable the group bargained with the demon and finally settled on a payment. The group would deliver a package for the demon to the city of Valhin. The party found out the demon had made a contract with a woman called Iseri to prevent anyone from following her. Also Iseri was not alone and traveled in the company of a large man and another woman. Frenix then accepted the package of the demon and ended the summoning ritual.

The trail ahead of them was still clear and showed that the same group of three people headed north along the Blue River. While the river in the material is a large river teaming with life and movement, the Shadowfel version was an empty crevice as still and quiet as the rest of the plane. The trail went to the city of Stone’s Crossing. All around the city the group could see that a fervent battle was going on. Shadow forms resembling that of both Nith and Sydra soldiers fought and died only to reform to continue the battle. Off to the east there was a large crashed vehicle of some kind. It looked like some sort of floating platform which laid burning and destroyed. The main feature of it was a very large cannon, bigger than any cannon the adventurers had ever seen.

The group took the time to debate whether they should return to the material plane and warn the people about what they had seen or to continue on their mission to find the Princess. They decided it would be best to finish their mission and to send word back to Prince Giaus when they had the opportunity. The tracks lead north-east out of the city for a ways before disappearing completely. They managed to figure out that the border between the material plane and Shadowfel were weak at the point the tracks stopped, so they opened a portal back and found themselves in a clearing in the woods south of Aliers. The tracks here became less obvious, but it seemed to indicated that Iseri was headed to the city. The journey through the woods and foothills was uneventful. The adventurers began their ascent through the mountain pass till they reached the gates of Aliers.

Entry into the city of Aliers required the party to relinquish their weapons and implements. The adventurers then made their way to the city hall to inquire about other travelers who had recently come into the city. After consulting the log of visitors, it turned out that Iseri was still in the city. There were only a couple of inns within the city so they were the logical place to investigate. They common room was filled mostly with the usual types, but one group stood out amongst the crowd- a group of Nith soldiers. A few questions with the innkeeper, along with a few threats of violence, revealed that Iseri was staying at this inn, but was out in the city conducting business.

Sneaking into the room rented out by Iseri, the adventurers found signs that ritual magic had been performed. The floor around one of the two beds was inscribed with blackened runes and the faint smell of sulfur still hung in the air. Frenix was able to determine that some sort of mind control magic had been used. Stashed away in one of the closets was the Princess’ wedding gown. With both of these pieces of information the young nobles returned to the city hall to talk with the local guard about arresting Iseri for the kidnapping of the Princess. The town guard agreed and sounded a city wide alarm.

A small battle ensued. Through a bit of trickery and help from the Nith soldiers Iseri managed to slip away once again into the Shadowfel. She left behind a changeling who was mimicing the Princess’ appearance to slow down the adventurers. The players found out that Iseri had a deal with Nith soldiers to exchange schematics to design a large arcane bomb for some artifact that had brought from Old Gereb. Needing to rest and inform the Prince of all that they had found out, the group elected to rest before pursuing Iseri once again.

The Revolution Compounded
Good Aligned - Adventure 2

The violence of the revolution carried on throughout the following week. Sydra forces made some progress with the help of the Church of Torm to retake the East bank of the city. However, the West bank was still firmly in control of the revolutionaries. Reports had come in from the city of Moror that it had fallen to the Nith army in less than a day and that the city of Bey was under siege. Even more troubling was the suspected size of the army that was invading.

Lacking a clear idea of how to help the kingdom, the group of young nobles decided to make their way to the palace to gather whatever information they could about the revolution and the war. Because of their valiant efforts in defending the gun battery, they were allowed entry into the war council room. The room was brimming with activity, the sons and daughters of Sydra’s five major families milled about the room discussing strategy and tactics for retaking their kingdom. The King along with his Dukes met in a closed chamber to formulate their war plan.

The group managed to get some time to talk to Prince Giaus Sydra about where they could be put to the most use. The found out that the king was planning to retake Moror and allow Bey to wait out the siege as they had more than adequate supplies and defenses to do so. They also learned that Princess Servia Sydra and her husband had not been seen or heard from since after the wedding ceremony was complete. However, the kingdom could not spare the manpower to find out what happened to her. The young nobles jumped at the opportunity to do this as a favor for the Prince and began an investigation.

Heading to the personal chambers of the Princess, they searched for anything that seemed out of the ordinary. They talked to her handmaidens and learned that she was not in her chambers the morning after the wedding. There were no obvious signs of struggle in the room, it seems as if she just simply disappeared. Bringing in wizards from Valhin, they scoured the room for any traces of magic energy. The wizards reported that the balcony outside of the Princess’ bedroom had traces of Shadowfel taint, meaning that someone had most likely opened a portal outside of the chambers. Lacking any better leads, the young nobles had the wizard reopen the portal and proceeded into the Shadowfel.

Trekking through the shadow version of the capital, they found a clear trail of three sets of prints leaving the Princess’ chambers. They lead out of the city to the North. When they reached the main gates of the city, they were accosted by a demonic entity. Humanoid in appearance, it was wreathed in flickering shadows. It’s most striking physical feature were the elk like antlers that adorned its head. The demon demanded that the party turn back as it had been contracted to prevent any from following this path. The young nobles were not deterred by its threats and decided to fight it.

The demon was not alone, it called upon its allies who were lurking by the gate to strike out at the nobles. The combat dragged on for several minutes before an ill placed strike brought down the remnants of gatehouse down on top of all the combatants… the party blacked out.

The Night of the Revolution
The end of Autumn, The start of Winter

The Kingdom of Sydra, one of the five major powers on the continent of New Gereb, is in turmoil. The fateful night when Princess Servia Sydra married Prince Talim Eito, when celebrations and revelry were heard throughout the palace, when the first gun shots were fired to begin the revolution. The revolutionaries had surprise on their side, the noble class would never think that mere commoners would take up weapons against them. Many lives were lost that night, but the nobility retained control of the city. Further investigation into the revolution revealed more factions at play than just the commoners: The Brotherhood of the Covenant and The Empire of Nith both supplied arms and training to facilitate this uprising.

The initial chaos was enough for the Empire of Nith to begin reconquering the Kingdom of Sydra. The war is going well, they have not faced any major set backs and it looks like in a few months all of Sydra will be under Nith’s control.

The Brotherhood of the Covenant’s goals were less obvious. They built up trust amongst their followers: the poor neglected commoners within the Kingdom of Sydra. They gave them food, shelter, and education. They also trained them how to fight and handle weaopns for when the time came to rise up.

Events began outside the palace, but the first action the nobles were aware of was a large group of revolutionaries barging into the royal wedding reception feast. Only wearing their ceremonial garb with a handful of actual weapons between them, the situation had a potential to turn into a blood bath. Thankfully due to some hasty thinking, the young minor nobles bravely situated themselves between the revolutionaries and the king with his dukes and duchesses. The revolutionaries were successfully driving from the palace tower, but Prince Titus Sydra received a grave wound and was transported to the Cathedral of Torm; Duke Tymos Bey was not nearly as lucky, he died in the feasting hall.

The group of young nobles headed out into the city to carry Prince Titus to the Cathedral of Torm where he would be able to receive the best medical treatment available in the chaos of this night. Along the path to the temple itself, they come across a group of looters. Upon closer inspection, the looters are moving in a highly organized fashioned and are too well armed to be an average commoner. Quickly decided, the young nobles charged into the looters to figure out what exactly they were doing. As the fight progressed it became clear that these were not commoners at all, but rather a group of soldiers. Once the group was subdued, it was found out they were Nith soldiers sent to complete various sabotage missions under the cover of the revolution. The next part of this groups mission was to destroy the gun emplacements that guarded the bay of the city.

The possible threat of a Nith armada facing off against Sydra without its defensive emplacements was too great to ignore. The young nobles separated from the Prince’s personal guard who would take the prince to the Cathedral of Torm, while they would go to protect the gun batteries. Thankfully the nobles arrived just in time, a siege machine of Nith design was about to bear down upon the gatehouse of the battery. With the groups ingenuity the machine was disabled.

The sun began to rise, signally that the darkest hours of night were over, the nobles thought it would be a wise idea to rest and wait in the defensive structure of the gun battery until more news became available.


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