When and Where?
The Kingdom of Sydra meets every month at the Pasadena Area D&D Monthly Meetup. Our next session is currently scheduled for Saturday, August 6th at 10am. The campaign is ongoing, but new players are always welcome to join.

Character Creation
Characters are currently 18th leveled. Please bring a level 18 with the normal higher level creation starting package (A level 19, level 18, and level 17 magic item plus a level 17 magic item in gold to spend as you see fit). All material is open to the players (aside from divine boon/artifact type items).

Campaign World
The world is vast and old. The Kingdom of Sydra is a relatively new country, having only been founded 300 years ago. Much of the ancient history has been lost and is the stuff of legend. Ruins from these past civilization dot the landscape. The stories that make up the campaign will proceed without player interaction, leaving the players to decide what they want to do. The two major plots that are going on in the campaign at the moment are the revolution within the kingdom and the war between the Kingdom of Sydra and the Empire of Nith

The technology in the campaign is more advanced than the standard 4e D&D setting. Gunpowder weapons are widely available. However, magic and melee weapons are also still commonly used. Airships are used for both war and trade, but are not as ubiquitous as other forms of transportation. Airships can be powered either mechanically or magically, with most ships using a mixture of the two.

The pantheon of the campaign is gigantic, like 3rd edition Forgotten Realms but even more ridiculous. There exists a god for pretty much anything you can think of. Most people in the world worship a variety of gods as opposed to focusing on one particular god. Sydra itself welcomes the diversity of worship, so it is not uncommon to find temples for evil deities next to temples for good ones.

Magic is commonplace within the world and people are very accepting of magic. Permanent magic is somewhat expensive so it is mostly used by nobles and the wealthy.

The Player Characters
The players are group of minor nobles from the Kingdom of Sydra. They have received training through their education and experience in the campaign thus far they have proven themselves as adventurers. The players are encouraged to have goals beyond the plots they chose to follow and a back-story to their characters.

Mechanics of the Campaign
There are currently two adventures going on in this campaign world: good-aligned and evil-aligned. The parties will probably never have a direct confrontation. However, the events that occur in one group will effect the other groups games (whether the players are aware that something has changed or not). The campaign is using D&D 4e with a few modifications. Each adventure, no matter how much time it takes in game, will take place over one extended rest. Skill challenges are present, but do not award progress toward milestones. Gunpowder weapons are stated the same as any of the available ranged weapons. The leveling pace of the campaign is very quick, with each session generally granting 1-2 levels. Magic and ideas about tactics that take place outside of combat will be done in a more role-play heavy method. I encourage the players to come up with their own ideas for rituals and plans.

The Kingdom of Sydra - Era of Revolution

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